Porn Star vs Movie Star, is there really a difference?

With all this talk of Brittney Spear’s vagina and Pamela Anderson’s sex tape and Paris Hilton and her who knows how many sex tapes and Kim Kardashian, the daughter of the OJ Simpson lawyer fucking some guy who used to date Whitney Houston and Tom Sizemore, the Golden Globe-nominated actor, who mind you had rolls in 11 real movies from 2008 alone, did his own sex tape and then there is Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies with his sex tape and holy shit where was I going with this?  Oh yes I remember now … the line between Hollywood and porno valley is becoming more blurred each day.  For the love of God even Oprah has mentioned her vagina on the air, coining the word Va-Jay-Jay and catapulting it into mainstream speech.  And to make things even more confusing, former porn stars, leave porn go into the real movies and then play the roll of a porn star (aka Traci Lords in the movie Zack and Miri make a Porno).

So since I recently discussed the release of Jenna Jameson’s new movie Jenna Loves Pain 2, I thought I would do the same for a mainstream movie that looked rather interesting especially since realistically speaking there are so many celebrity sex tapes out there, chances are someone in this movie has one.

Did you know that Tim Burton is making a 3D version of Alice in Wonderland?  Well did you know there was also a porno version of this movie called Alice in Bondageland?  Oh it’s true!    In Tim Burtons’s 3D Version of Alice in Wonderland, we have some major stars signing on.

Anne Hathaway is lined up to join Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter for director Tim Burton’s adaptation of “Alice In Wonderland.”  Anne Hathaway is slated for the role of the White Queen opposite Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Little-known Australian actress Mia Wasikowska has landed the lead role of Alice, while Depp will portray the Mad Hatter in pal Burton’s take on the Lewis Carroll classic.  The film, which is due for release in 2010, will mix live action with animation and will be in 3D.