Vivid Offers Miss California $1 Million

TMZ is reporting that Vivid is offering disgraced Miss California, also the 1st runner up Miss USA Carrie Prejean to perform in a porno. Let’s be real, we know she won’t accept but hey if they are going to make the offer to Octomom, why not to this chick, who at least is hot as fuck.   The full story is here at TMZ.


Miss California (for now) Carrie Prejean doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage — but what about sex before marriage … on camera?

In the wake of Carrie’s topless photo controversy, Vivid Entertainment — one of the biggest adult film companies in the world — has decided to test Prejean’s moral toughness with a $1 million offer to star in one of their “films.”

In the formal offer, mailed off to Prejean late Wednesday afternoon, Vivid makes it clear, “This is purely a business offer and has nothing to do with your religion or your personal beliefs.”

It’s doubtful Prejean would accept, but a quick survey of biblically correct heterosexual males shows they would support her overwhelmingly if she did.

We should mention this is not Vivid’s first beauty queen. They at one time worked with a former Miss New Hampshire who was also dethroned for nudity. She has held the titles Miss Teen All American, to Hawaiin Tropic, to Miss Latin USA, to Miss New Hampshire. She went by Alex Taylor (aka Adriana Molinari). She competed in the Miss USA pageant of 1991 but she did not win. Besides becoming a Vivid girl she was also
the August 1994 Penthouse Pet.

You know who did win the 1991 Miss USA pageant? Why Kelli McCarty of course. Her porno Faithless is still a hot seller.