Savana Styles’ 1st Film from Alpha Females Goes to #1 on Adult Empire VOD

Red-headed Canadian bombshell adult star Savana Styles released her first title on VOD from her brand-new studio Alpha Females at the end of September. Now The Riders has shot to Number 1 spot on Adult Empire and is available on DVD. And, Savana was featured in the director’s seat on Fleshbot. Check it out:

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Serious Shit Just Hit The Fan

For years we’ve heard about the feds going after studio heads like Evil Angel and we always knew they could go after retailers and even affiliate programs and hell even affiliates for that matter but it really hasn’t happened in recent history so more and more people just started to let shit slide.

They started stocking titles they probably shouldn’t have.  Sites like AEBN starting streaming piss videos and sites like Adult DVD Empire started carrying DVDs like “Extreme Tit Torture 18”.  Well that attempt to make a quick buck with risky content leads to this headline from XBIZ today.

Adult DVD Empire Charged With Obscenity

Right Ascension Inc., which does business as Adult DVD Empire, has been charged with violating obscenity laws.

Federal prosecutors filed the suit July 22 at U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, charging that the company mailed four DVDs containing obscene material to an Erie post office box in May 2007.

The four DVDs are identified as “A Bounty of Pain,” “Shattering Krystal” from Dan Hawke Productions, “Extreme Tit Torture 18” from Bon Vue Studios and “Pussy Torture 8″ from director Rick Savage.

Company representatives were unavailable for comment to XBIZ at post time.

XBIZ will continue to follow the story and will have more details as the story develops.

You know I think the biggest surprise of all here is not that they got busted because we all knew it was only a matter of time that they would bring someone else down for risky behavior because clearly nobody learned their fucking lesson from Max Hardcore or Evil Angel.

But the surprise here is it wasn’t a state in the south.  Typically it is the South that can easily get obscenity convictions.  You almost never hear of something like this from a northern state.

The rest of you fuckers out there need to seriously review any risky type content you may have.  This includes above and beyond anything else any sort of bondage with penetration.    GET RID OF IT.  Nothing is worth going to jail, now is it?

If they will come after a retailer, then you could be next.  First it was studios, then retailers, the next step could be affiliate and/or affiliate programs.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are safe because you don’t actually mail a product.  Your delivery of your product into various states is digital and that may be just enough to get you a trip to the slammer.


PITTSBURGH — Adult DVD Empire will plead guilty to an obscenity charge filed against the company by federal prosecutors.

Attorney Lawrence Walters told XBIZ that this appears to be a pre-arranged, pre-packaged deal where all the parties involved came to an agreement in advance.

Walters says the deal was structured in a way where the corporation was charged, not an individual, so no one will be doing time in jail.

As part of the deal, Adult DVD Empire will be on a three-year probation and pay a $75,000 fine.

Federal prosecutors filed the charges July 22 at U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, charging that the company, which operates, mailed four DVDs containing obscene material to an Erie post office box in May 2007.

Walters says the charges seems to have been initiated by Mary Beth Buchanan, the former U.S. District Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, who was active in obscenity prosecutions

“Maybe now that she’s gone, they wanted to get rid of the case where no one would go to jail,” Walters said. “It was an easy way for the government to save face without a big trial.”

Now that a plea deal has been reached, the obscenity charges against the movies will move forward, and according to Walters, the case will result in a conviction, which does not bode well for adult.

“Anytime a movie is convicted of obscenity, it give the government building blocks to prosecute future obscenity cases.”

The four DVDs are identified as “A Bounty of Pain,” “Shattering Krystal” both from Dan Hawke Productions, “Extreme Tit Torture 18” from Galaxy Productions and “Pussy Torture 8” also from Galaxy and directed by Rick Savage.

XBIZ will continue to follow the story and will have more details as the story develops.

Vivid Girl Fraud Exposed

For awhile now some fucked up guy has been going around pretending to be various Vivid girls on Twitter.  He is posting under fake accounts as Nikki Jayne, Hanna Hilton, Stefani Morgan, Tera Patrick, Lacie Heart, Monique Alexander, Lanny Barby, Nina Mercedez, Sunrise Adams and more.

Meggan Mallone

This guy posts as if he WAS the girls saying things like @TheTeraPatrick – As you may know I have a new book coming out at the Jan 5th of the year. Or from the fake Meggan Mallone – @Meggan_Mallone – I think it’s time for a swim. Can’t work all day and come out to this crazy weather

He makes post after post after post implying he is each of the girls.  It is really nothing short of fraud on a grand scale.  This guy is defrauding thousands and thousands of devoted Vivid fans and it is that reason alone Vivid themselves need to get involved and stop this guy.  This guy is pretending to post as the girls – this guy is scamming all those fans of the girls themselves – these are your customers Vivid.   Is it okay with you that someone is out there scamming your customers using the name of your contract stars?

This guy used to run a website called but now has changed it to  So clearly someone from Vivid has looked into this yet they dropped the ball and let the jack ass continue to defraud Vivid’s customers as he pretends to be each of these girls.

I mean how do you think a Vivid customer would feel thinking they are communicating with Hanna Hilton only to find out it’s some fat fucking dude behind the computer screen?  Don’t you think they would be slightly pissed off?

The company who runs the Vivid Cash program cut off this guy’s incoming stream?  (nats ID = MjAwMTE5LjEuMS4xLjAuMTIwNi4wLjA)

As long as they continue to pay him, he is going to keep on defrauding Vivid customers, pretending to be Vivid girls.

You know what is even worse?  Companies like Adult DVD Empire are retweeting these fake Twitter IDs as if they were official, only making the problem worse, despite being told on more than one occasion these accounts were fake.



Again — Let me ask you this Vivid – do you think the fans who buy your movies will be happy to find out they have been scammed?  That they are in fact not communicating with “Vivid Girls” but instead some fake guy?  So then why are you allowing this kind of bullshit to continue?  I understand the whole fan site concept but when you cross the line and pretend to actually be the porn star, well that is when it has gone to far.