Spotlights QueerCrush Boss Electra Rayne in New Interview

Electra Rayne of new lesbian erotica production brand and website QueerCrush ( is featured in a revealing interview for, “Long May She Rayne: Electra Rayne Brings Us QueerCrush.” Spotlights QueerCrush Boss Electra Rayne in New Interview The company co-founder and in-house producer/director spoke with writer Megan Hussey about her auspicious arrival into the business in 2022 with QueerCrush Head of Production Dahlia Von Knight, and their roster of 50+ unscripted vignettes that feature spontaneous, authentic lesbian passion.
“As a bisexual woman in a relationship, I saw very little adult content made for me… I wanted to make porn that my girlfriend would like. She loved the idea of lesbian porn, but couldn’t find anything made for her,” Rayne says in the interview, noting that “we feature real-life couples as well as women who want to act out their fantasy crushes on performers they love.”
Rayne, whose content is produced ethically, emphasizes that performers have ‘Free Rayne’ on set: “We direct them to have sex in any way they choose. We don’t tell them how to do the scene,” and designed specifically for the female gaze. “Straight men aren’t likely to like our content,” she says,  but “my partner loves it. She doesn’t even mind that we have a porn studio in the house.” Find the full Sexpert article with Electra Rayne at
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