Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey Announces Virtual Fetish/Kink Workshop Sunday, August 20

Mark your calendars for Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey’s upcoming virtual symposium, ‘The Fetish & Kink Workshop: How to Explore & Communicate Desires,’ with tickets available through Eventbrite UK. The popular clinical psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD therapist, and sex/intimacy coach that currently can be seen on Channel 4 (UK)’s smash hit reality series, Open House: The Great Sex Experiment as the resident Specialist Relationship Therapist, will host the two-hour online event through the Seed Talks series starting at 9:00 am (PT)/12:00 pm (ET) in the US and 5:00 pm (BST) in the UK. Bisbey will cover the basic definitions of Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Authority Transfer, domspace and subspace, consent, practical exercises, speaking with intent, safe words and withdrawing consent, and effective communication for establishing desires, boundaries, and exploration, plus an overview of aftercare.
“I am pleased to welcome folks to my Fetish & Kink Workshop, where I will be offering my insights and expertise in educating and empowering people in order to help enhance their intimate relationships in a positive way,” said Bisbey. “It is essential to be informed and understand the concepts of healthy sexuality and pleasure, and this discussion is meant to inspire and enlighten guests in a safe, comfortable setting at home.”
‘The Fetish & Kink Workshop: How to Explore & Communicate Desires’ is presented through the Seed Talks series that connects speakers and audiences passionate about topics such as education, science, and wellness, and guests are able to explore their desires and curiosities through Bisbey’s lively discussions, interactive experiences and expert guidance. Visit Eventbrite.co.uk  to learn more. Find and follow Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey on Twitter (X) at @drbisbey.  

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