Lucy Banks Muse for Chris Carbon’s Sizzling Debut Single ‘OnlyFans’

Lucy Banks has fuelled countless fantasies worldwide in her four years as an adult content creator. However, the imminent release of Perth singer Chris Carbon's debut single "OnlyFans" marks the first time Banks has served as the lyrical inspiration for a song. [embedyt][/embedyt] Carbon's provocative lyrics, "She's hitting right back so you better quit running your mouth, take your hands south, pull off your pants, self-love is what it's all about, so join me in celebrating her wriggling till that raging roar..." have certainly struck a chord. Banks has professed to being a staunch admirer of the music maestro's audacious composition.
Carbon shared the genesis of his song, which is set to hit major streaming platforms on July 7, via a playful Instagram reel. "I was inspired by the narrative of a local Perth woman, Lucy Banks, who, despite earning a corporate salary, grappled to maintain financial stability as a single mother," Carbon recounted. He said that the song seeks to reflect Banks' personal journey and her reclaiming of autonomy. He also noted his desire for the song to challenge negative stereotypes associated with the adult content industry and to highlight the increasing accessibility of such work in the present day.
Banks recounted her experience of being the muse for Carbon's debut single: "Chris connected with me through OnlyFans, intimating that he had penned a song based on my journey. Initially, I was skeptical, but a few weeks later, he shared the link to the song. It was exhilarating to hear a piece of music that represented my narrative in such an empowering and affirming manner." Erotic Inspiration: Lucy Banks Muse for Chris Carbon's Sizzling Debut Single 'OnlyFans' Fans can learn more about Carbon’s ode to “OnlyFans” and Banks by checking out his Instagram page, @chriscarbonofficial. You can find Lucy Banks on Twitter at @notlucybanks.    

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