Look who hasn’t been paying their web hosting bill

Look who hasn’t paid their web hosting bill in months now! Sure we’ve all known that Nicholas Steele and Paul Chaplin have been not paying past employees, affiliates and at least one of their former contract girls. They stopped updating their membership sites months ago, but were still collecting money for recurring memberships however now those people who paid to join that site are shit out of luck because now their websites are cut off.

However keep in mind just a week ago Paul Chaplin funded a lavish awards ceremony in the UK, for another one of his companies called the Paul Raymond awards, where Tanya Tate won the 2013 MILF of the year award. Funny how Paul Chaplin picks and chooses what he wants to pay and who he doesn’t. He has no problem spending $2,300 on a pair of shoes for a hooker but won’t pay the DVD replication company. Nice, huh?

Calls to the Bluebird Films office were not returned because there phone is apparently disconnected.




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