Did you hear about the new at home HIV testing kit?

While still pending approval BBC America is reporting it may be close.  It’s basically an HIV home testing kit that works from mouth swap that will give you results in about 20 minutes and is expected to cost around $60 and will be sold over the counter at places like your local Walgreen’s or CVS or maybe even your local Wal-Mart pharamcy.  Really anywhere normal home testing kits of this nature are sold.

While the test is not 100% accurate, no test really is and if you do get a positive result, it could be a false positive, just like the current line of tests.  So what you do from there is go get tested again.

While not perfect, what the fuck really is?  I think it’s a very strong step in the right direction.

I’ll post more details about this test when it becomes available.

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