Something in their air in blogdom?

What’s going on in pornville lately with industry blogs?  Some haven’t had updates in months, others are having a lot of technical issues.  Case in point, if you head over to our friends at Lukeisback, you notice their site has been up and down a lot this past month.  In fact, for the last 48 hours you can’t get to it at all.  Cindi forwarded the domain name to one of her other sites and posted this message to her fans …

If you’ve been having problems seeing or logging on to, it’s because I am having server issues, with just about no help, but lots of expense from my sucky hosting company VERIO!  My advice is don’t use them for anything! is on a different carrier, so there are no problems here. Please check this out and enjoy!  LIB should be back up for good tomorrow afternoon and you’ll be able to post comments again. There may still be some issues with the last few days stories, but I’ll try to get them back up right away.

But Cindi isn’t the only one with problems.  Been to Mike South’s site lately?  If you do you might find your virus checker going mad.  Turns out he’s the victim of a page injection hack and those with standard settings on their browser can’t reach the site at all.  Instead what they get is a warning message to turn around and run the other way.

Think we all need some boobie time!  So enjoy this picture of some Devon boobies because well … Devon always seems to put a smile on my face so maybe she will do the same for you.


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