LA Direct Models Lands Miss October!

It seems like we are always hearing about some Playboy chick “going bad” and doing porn.  But really I have learned there are two kind of Playboy girls, the real ones, these are the girls who are what we call the Playmates … they have the centerfolds or are on the cover of the magazines.  Then there are the rest of the girls.  These girls may have been a cyber girl or appeared in the website, or in some obscure ad or placement in the magazine but everyone knows, despite what they may claim, they aren’t really what we think of when we think of the chicks from Playboy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great marketing gimmick and more power to those girls who can pull it off and earn themselves more money but to the rest of us, we get the truth so we just put on our fake little smiles and uh huh them.  Now as far as those real Playboy girls go, the Playmates and Cover models.  What do they actually go on to do in life?  Well I started looking into it.  It turns out they pretty much do one of three things … first there is the mainstream option which many try for, few succeed at.   Yes there are some success stories like Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy or maybe, kinda Jayde Nicole.  But for every success story there are 100s of girls who didn’t make it.

Some of the girls go on to marry rich guys.  I think this option probably happens more so than anything.  This makes total sense.  The girls are young and hot and while they are doing the Playboy thing have a lot of opportunity to meet well off guys who will take care of them.

The last option is rare but it does happen from time to time and that is some of them go on to a lucrative porn career.  This is very rare but like Victoria Zdrok did it.  She even went on to be named Penthouse Pet of the year and to this day still runs her own website and works with Penthouse.  Linn Thomas did some more hardcore stuff, mostly just modeling wise though and well then yesterday I got an email with another Playboy hottie.  You may know her as Miss October 2007, Spencer Scott.  That’s right boys and girls, a real life Playboy girl, a real one … doing porn!  Kudos to LA Direct Models for signing such a hottie.



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