WTF is “Asians in the Library” and who is Alexandria Wallace?

They call Alexandra Wallace the ranting racist (Alexandria Wallace?)
She says thank you dumb fuckers for making her famous.

I guess I missed it because this news that recently came out about Vivid hiring the “Asians in the Library” YouTube chick to do a movie had me confused at fuck.

So I did some research and it turns out some blonde chick posted a rant about how there are to many Asians at UCLA and how it annoys the fuck out of her that they have no manners and won’t shut the fuck up when in the library. She bitches about how she is trying got study in the library but can’t because they are all going on and on and on and apparently this has made her a star …… a racist star, but a star nonetheless.

But in the end even if we don’t fucking agree with her she has every right to say it. It’s called the 1st amendment. Look it the fuck up people before you start bitching about what she has to say.

The LA Weekly is now reporting that Alexandria Wallace has dropped out of school.

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  1. You know why this made news? Because she posted this video when Asians were calling home right after the earthquake and tsunami happened. It has nothing to do with free speech, it has everything to do with class and human decency.

    And she has since “apologized.”

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