Sindee Jennings Learns Her Lesson the Hard Way

I don’t know why the fuck people keep trusting LA Direct Models.

How many times do they have to do some shady shit before girls catch the fuck on?

Here is an interesting little story I seen on Mike South’s website today.  I guess he got the convo from her Twitter page.

SinDee Jennings: Wow, La Direct Models money manager Fran just lost it and went on a Abusive tangent calling me names, good thing I recorded that shit !

SinDee Jennings Watch out girls with La Direct models, Do Not start your websites with them, I haven’t been payed in over 3 months!!! Their a Huge scam !!!

SinDee Jennings Oh I keep it Real, Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that, I’ve honestly never been disrespected in a buissness setting like that, wow!

SinDee Jennings Caution: Please note, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models is abusive and unprofessional someone should deport that mouth, and her!!!

SinDee Jennings I didn’t realize La Direct Models had the right to Steal checks for my Website, ?!!!!! Their refusing to pay me and I’ve been here 45min..

SinDee Jennings Please note, La Direct models is scamming their girls, there money manager Fran is a Thief and a liar, they’ve hijacked my website !!

SinDee Jennings Iam keeping it real All Day Long!! La Direct Models must not be allowed continue getting away with scamming girls its out of control!!

SinDee Jennings Now, Fran the money manager at La Direct Models keeps e-mialing me more excuses as to why she’s holding my money, I should post them all !!

SinDee Jennings La Direct Models must not be doing too good If they have to steal checks from there employees!! Its Christmas time, don’t they have souls??

SinDee Jennings SinDee Jennings has had enuf, no more lies no more Bull, La Direct Models has over 3 months of checks for my website they won’t pay me !

SinDee Jennings I love all the positive feedback I’ve gotten all day about This ” Situation” thanks everyone =) Bottoms Up! :)

Shawna Lenee spoke out months ago and said they weren’t paying her for her work on her “official site”.  But nobody would listen because well, she’s a known insane person.  But how crazy is the bitch now that it is happening to so many others?

Let me ask you this question, why the fuck would you be giving a piece of YOUR website to LA Direct Models in the first place?

Why not go to a company like Premium Cash on your own?  Why do you need LA Direct Models as a middle man?

Think Jenna Haze or Gina Lynn did their website deals through LA Direct Models?  OF COURSE NOT.  So guess what …. they are probably getting paid from Premium cash when you are left calling the LA Direct Models office and let Fran curse you out and treat you like a piece of shit when they are the ones who owe you money.   You enjoy being verbally abused?  Well then tell me again why the fuck you are allowing it?


Never allow anyone – ANYONE – no matter who they are, own or control your domain name, or your stage name.  That is your brand and without it they have you by the balls.  STOP ALLOWING PEOPLE THE OPPORTUNITY TO FUCK YOU.

An agent should be out there representing you with studios and producers – they should be actively seeking new work for you.  They have nothing to do with your website or your brand.  They are already double dipping – taking money from you when the book you a job, then taking money from the production companies for hiring you and then now they are going to take money from your official site too?


What does that have to do with them being a good agent for you?

Ask yourself this … does a good agent go out of their way to work with producers to get you work?

If so, then just find out how many producers really like to work with LA Direct Models at all?  Or only do so because they have to.

Do you really need them or would you do just as good hiring a PR agent for $500 to $1,000 a month and then booking your own jobs?

Is LA Direct Models or whatever agent you are using really doing THAT much for you?

Are they worth even being with?

Have they really gotten you that much work?

I think more often than not, any porn star with half a brain would do better off creating a website like <> and then hiring yourself a publicity company to promote you and everything you do to keep your name out there.

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