Review for My Virtual Twins

Someone I work with was doing some work on a website and one of the movies in the site featured identical twins Misha and Sasha.  Turns out there was hot twins in the business before Vivid signed The Love Twins.  These twins are from Russia and first came to be known by the name The Sin Twins as originally they were signed by Sin City Films.  Then after making only a tiny number of movies with Sin City, maybe 3 or 4 at best, they left and signed with Anarchy Films.  With Anarchy they did about 10 maybe 12 movies, one of which was called My Virtual Twins.

You may be asking yourself why I am reviewing a movie that came out in 2003 but to be honest it really is a great watch still years later.  The twins that star in the movie didn’t get any less hotter just because a few years have passed.

The movie is broken up into three categories for the viewer to choose from, foreplay, sweet and nasty.   After selecting foreplay you are presented with the option of tits, ass, pussy, dildo, and bj.  These videos are more teasers than anything.  The tits menu gets you a video of the girls tits, where the ass menu as you might expect will get you shots of the girls asses.

The sweet menu gets you the option of seeing the twins do doggie, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl or to go directly to the cum shot.

If you chose the nasty menu you get the same options as sweet, only they are a little more hardcore.  The cum scene then offers you two options of cum inside of me or cum on me.

The girls have great, rock hard bodies and they have a lot of energy in their sex scenes.  They aren’t at all shy, and it comes through in their performances.  My favorite part was the reverse cowgirl.  I don’t know which twin it was because I quite honestly can’t tell them apart, but damn one of them can sure ride a cock and look amazing doing it.  Her super flat, well toned stomach, her great tits.  It’s just an all around great scene.

What they did right — They made a movie with two very hot identical twin sisters.  How can that alone not be a plus of any movie?  Add to the fact that the girls have a great, outgoing personality that comes through in the scenes they do and it’s even better.

I love the bonus interview they did with Misha and Sasha at the end of the movie.  It also included a almost 10 minute behind the scenes clip of the Twins in London.  I’m a huge fan of extras when it comes to DVDs, so these were a really nice plus for me.

As far as the movie goes, I really can’t complain.  The girls had a lot of energy in their sex scenes.   The girls are very hot and their accents are beyond adorable.

What they did wrong — Minus the interview and BTS clip they did with Misha and Sasha, which was great mind you, the DVD really lacked on any bonuses or extras.  It has the standard photo slideshow, and a a few movie trailers for some of the other Anarchy titles but that was really it.    Would it have been so hard to throw in a biography of these girls or at least some kind of extras?  Maybe some Misha and Sasha desktop wallpapers, maybe something, I don’t know.  I just feel like they really skimped in terms of DVD extras.

As far as the movie goes, I’m happy there.  My only real complaint in terms of quality of the overall DVD is the annoying repeated audio loop from the DVD menus.   It’s the same 5 second loop repeated over and over and over again.  Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?  A moan or two is nice, but the same 5 second moan repeated over and over and over, not so much.

In conclusion — Despite the fact that this is a movie from 2003, it was still a good watch some 7 years later.  The twins are extremely hot.  The movie left me wanting to get to know more about them and see even more of their work.  Scenes from the movie is available to download just click on the box cover above to go directly to the link.

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