A New Cool Service from the Founder of Twitter

Most people have one great idea in their life and if their REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY lucky that idea will take off and because something huge like Facebook, YouTube or WordPress or ya, Twitter.  Well turns out some lucky bastards don’t just have one great idea in life that takes off, they have two.  One of the co-founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wondered why it is with today’s technology not everyone could accept credit cards.  Imagine selling some crap off of Craigslist and being able to whip out your iPhone and accept a guy’s credit card for it right there.

This ability until now has really been out of touch for the average joe.  Normally a person would need a costly merchant account to be able to accept credit cards and if they were lucky enough to get one (and trust me it is a major nasty horrible hassle to even get one) they still have to shell out a lot of money on the machines and related fees.  But even if you had a ton of money, they don’t even allow normal guys to get them.   Your average Joe is just shit out of luck.  That is, until now!

So that’s where this guy from Twitter comes in.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Android phone you can accept credit cards for FREE!  No seriously, for free!   There is no $750 visa application fee.  There is no major banking barriers.  There is nothing to buy.  No company to establish.  Anyone can accept credit cards, even Soccer moms and babysitters.  Seriously!   Your babysitter can whip out her iPhone, swipe your card and you are good to go.

The only real problem this service would have is the trust factor.  Your average Joe or Soccer Mom isn’t so likely to hand over their credit card to some dude they bought something off of Craigslist for.   That trust factor for the average person who doesn’t understand how all this technology works is going to be a massive obstacle for this service to overcome.

For the rest of it, you might want to look into it by going to www.squareup.com.   Zero setup fee.   They will mail you a free credit card scanner that attaches via your headphone jack.

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