Nina Mercedez is Back

Things on the Nina Mercedez home front have been quiet for awhile now.  She’s been off enjoying her free time with her family but as of today she is back.  Nina Mercedez will be hoping on a plane this week and shooting numerous scenes for her very popular website

While she is in LA she said said to be doing a boy / girl scene for Adam and Eve, and a girl / girl scene for and one for Naughty America.  But if you want to see her with anyone other than her husband Ray then you’ll have to join her website.  In a recent press release Nina Mercedez said ….

“I have made the decision to shoot boy/girl scenes with my partner Raymond Balboa for select companies for now. I may work with other boys non-condom if a contract is presented with the right company but for now all my boy/girl scenes with other male talent will stay exclusive to my website” say’s the busty beauty.

In the press release Nina Mercedez make mention of a deal she has in the works with another studio and maybe a handful of movies coming out as well.  She doesn’t give any specific details as to any of what it might all be about but I k now her many die hard fans will be anxiously waiting to find out.

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