Brazzer’s Owned PornHub showing Roselyn Papa Sex Tape

TMZ is reporting that a sex tape of Rozlyn Papa from the Bachelor is being shown on the Brazzer’s owned site  For those of you who might have forgotten already who this chick is – she is the one booted off of the reality show the Bachelor for hooking up with a producer off camera.  The two were caught, the producer was fired and the chick was removed from the show.  She made the talk show rounds claiming she has this kid and would never do anything like that and then low and below this sex tape appears.  Can anyone say Ooops?

If anyone wondering if stealing porn pays off, apparently it does because it got Brazzers enough money to buy this sex tape that has been shopped around for the last few weeks.

A sex tape starring “Bachelor” reject Rozlyn Papa — allegedly — has made it’s way onto the Internet — and it happens to end just like the “Bachelor” finale … with someone on their knees.

The short tape — which features a woman certainly resembling Rozlyn performing a sexual act on a sizable gentleman — just popped up on the website

Rozlyn’s rep has previously told us she has “no knowledge of any tape.”

Update 3/9/2010 – is reporting the sex tape is a fraud – Mystery solved! A lawyer for Rozlyn Papa has ID’d the clip purporting to be a sex tape of his client. According to a statement from Roderick J. Lindblom, “a cursory internet search reveals that the clip appears to be from a 2004 porn movie titled Pole Position: Lex POV, directed by Lexington Steele.”

While Rozlyn Papa may have been Jake Pavelka’s most controversial potential paramour, she’s not a porn star.

A 15-second dirty video that went live on (NSFW site!) today may look like her, but the blond woman shown “is clearly not her,” her rep, Stacie Vanchieri, tells E! News exclusively.

“I’ve seen the tape,” she continues. “Anyone who has met her once would know it’s not her. The woman has a different body, hands, face, everything.”

Indeed, the fast flick shows a seemingly much more flat-chested woman than the 29-year-old reality star.

“The woman looks directly into the camera and is definitely not Rozlyn,” Vanchieri claims. “The tape looks like it was done as porn to be sold, not a private moment captured on tape…It so clearly seems someone is trying to ruin her. I don’t know why someone would do this to her—she has to take her son to school in the mornings.”

Papa, who continues to deny any sort of affair with a producer on the ABC reality show, told us last week that she’d heard some buzz about sex tapes starring her and was having her lawyer get to the bottom of it.

“Whoever it is that’s shopping around is also the guy who’s shopped around other fake celebrity sex tapes,” she said. “I don’t want to say too much about it, except that as far as I know, it’s a hoax.”

While Papa’s lawyer is taking the necessary steps to have the video removed from the website—or at least his client’s name removed—the model is doing her best to keep her head held high.

“She’s upset but she’s a strong cookie,” Vanchieri says. “She knew there was never a sex tape but now it’s kind of a relief to her that it’s out there and so clearly not her.”

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