Jayden Jaymes Was Kicked To the Curb

Guess what I just noticed – Jayden Jaymes is no longer listed at LA Direct Models. Apparently they too got sick of her stupid fucking mouth and bullshit and kicked her ass to the curb.

Good luck to whatever sucker – I mean company works with her next.

Or maybe just maybe she’ll learn a lesson from all of this and finally figure out that the world doesn’t revolve around her, and that this is a business to make money and bullshit drama should be left at home.

4 thoughts on “Jayden Jaymes Was Kicked To the Curb

  1. Jayden aka Michelle, is a loser POS…. Nobody cares and she is fugly….. Do some anal or get the fuck out!

  2. Like I wrote in another comment on her previous post, I wonder if it’s because she posted Derek’s email. You don’t do that posting people’s emails and especially if it’s your boss’s email to you. But as usual, she’ll blame everyone else but herself.

  3. The down and desperate agency, big love talent, is representing her now. I guess they don’t mind having trailer trash for talent.

  4. lol….or maybe she left and went somewhere else because LADIRECT MODELS BLOWS BIG BALLS. WHERES FAYNER THIS NEW LUKEFORD SITE BLOWS TOOOOO

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