Strippers Care Too! Plus a RICK’S Secret

Who would have ever thought that a group full of strippers would be making such an extremely large donation to the Toys For Tots program?  Well it’s true!  The chicks from Rick’s Cabaret NYC donated over 1,000 “Toys For Tots” to the U.S. Marines!

The U.S. Marines picked up over 1,000 “Toys for Tots” that had been collected by the Girls of Rick’s Cabaret NYC. “It’s a great feeling to help with such a good cause,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Avalon, a stunning 36D-24-35 blonde. “All the girls got together and donated some toys.”

“Customers pitched in some toys, too,” said Rick’s Girl Cassandra, a statuesque 34C-23-34 blonde. “Some of our regulars came in with toys to give to the Marines. I know that a couple of New York Yankees, some of the New York Knicks, and “Sal the Stockbroker” from the Howard Stern Show brought in some toys,” she added. This is the second year that Rick’s Cabaret NYC has participated in the “Toys for Tots” program.

Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33 Street
New York City

To learn more about the US Marine Corp Reserve “Toys for Tots” program:

Speaking of Ricks – my friend Kelli has been a lifetime VIP member of Rick’s probably for going on 10 years now.  Despite being one of the smallest locations of all of the Rick’s family of strip clubs, she says that the NW Houston location is without a doubt her favorite, that they just seem to always have the hottest chicks there and “everyone is so nice”.  So that got me thinking, we need to put her lifetime VIP pass to use.

We need to send her ass to some random locations of Rick’s and do something fun for the website.  Like a story on the funny things strippers say or true stripper stories.  Then I thought, FUCK!  That would be the great premise for a XXX movie – TRUE STRIPPER STORIES!!  The behind the scenes stories of how I became a stripper.  But that’s another idea all together.  So back to my idea.  I gave Kelli a call in Houston and told her to dig out her lifetime VIP pass and call up her rowdy Texas friends and am making them go to three different Rick’s locations.

I won’t reveal which locations that would be because we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise but she will be asking the strippers questions for this website.

She told me when she goes out with that group of friends she gets far to drunk to do anything really useful like work a camera and lighting but she promises to stay sober enough to at least take some photos from her iPhone.   So that’s at least something.

So log story short, if you are a stripper at Rick’s and work at any of the locations in Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, and/or New York City – keep your eyes open for a drunk chick with an iPhone because she just may be our top secret person doing a special report on your hotness. Why these specific areas? Apparently these are the locations Kelli will be in at sometime during the next 30 days.

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  1. ha that’s great you should ask the strippers real questions though

    don’t ask them like stupid brain surgeon questions like most poeple try and do

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