Dennis Rodman promotes peace with Japanese Businessman

Wait what?  Dennis Rodman is out there pulling an Angelina Jolie with acts of peace and harmony and goodwill towards international affairs?  Well we are talking Dennis Rodman here so of course his acts are at a strip club and not just any strip club – he was at Rick’s New York, what has become the creme da le creme of gentleman’s clubs in the New York area.

Rick's Cabaret Girl Giselle

Dennis Rodman Teaches Japanese Businessman How to “Make it Rain” at Rick’s Cabaret New York, Halloween Night.
Rodman and his entourage were seated near the main stage at a packed Rick’s Cabaret New York on Saturday Night, Halloween.
They were consuming bottles of Vodka, and enjoying lap dances from dozens of girls. Dennis was particularly enjoying the company of a hot 36C-25-35 blonde from Texas.
When it was her turn to go on the main stage, Rodman handed a maitre d several one hundred dollar bills and asked him for “singles.”
Rodman went up to the stage and “made it rain,” showering the lucky girl with the money.
Two Japanese businessmen seated in the first row, asked him what he was doing, and Dennis handed them some singles and taught them how to do it.
Rick’s Girl Stefanie (34C-25-36), described the scene, “It was funny watching the gigantic Rodman teaching the two tiny guys in suits how to throw money at the dancer.”
Rodman was friendly to all the girls, and spent some time on the Rick’s Roof Top Smoking Deck where he puffed on a a cigar. He arrived at 10pm and stayed until 1am. (He said that he would have stayed all night, but he had a paid appearance as a host of a Halloween party at Greenhouse that night).
“At first, I though it was someone in a costume, but when I got closer to him I realized that it really was Dennis Rodman,” said Rick’s Girl Melissa, a 35C-25-35 blonde from Florida. “He’s always been one of my favorites–he’s a great tipper.”
Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33 Street
New York City

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