Darrah Ford calls on Sarah Sloane

Darrah Ford does a great story about the new Zero Tolerance contract star Sarah Sloane and even interviews the original Sarah Sloane, who is also in the sex business — well kind of, she is a sex educator and writer.  This is probably one of her best stories as she really looked at several angles.  Good job Darrah, very informative.

Sarah Sloane

Exclusive interview with sex educator Sarah Sloane. Her thoughts on Zero Tolerance naming their new contract girl Sara Sloane. Posted November 7, 2009 by Darrah Ford

Zero Tolerance just signed Sara Sloane as their newest contract girl. She’s been around for two years and has on-camera experience with men. So far so good. She worked for this contract.

But there are two problems. First problem is the name Sara Sloane can be confused with Sara Stone’s name who has been in the industry for over five years. But thanks to one of my readers, the second problem is that there is a well known sex educator & writer named Sarah Sloane. Dropping the h could have gotten Zero Tolerance and performer Sara Sloane sued!

I highly doubt Zero Tolerance didn’t know this and here we go again with another company renaming an already established porn star’s name to someone else’s already established name. All they had to do was Google the name and they would have seen the name is already taken making porn star Sara Sloane’s marketability and online presence weak.

There was nothing wrong with porn star Sara’s prior name Sarah Vandella. Now she has to register new social network accounts and everything else that comes to changing your name. That’s if the name is available considering her new name is already so familiar. The common feeling as to why porn companies do this to the women is so to fool us all and make us believe their new contract girl is brand new and fresh off the bus.

And in a weird way, this is sort of like the reverse Violet Blue debacle. Violet Blue, sex writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, sued porn star Violet Blue for trademark infringement. Writer Violet Blue won the case though porn star Violet Blue had been using the name since 2000. Though the only proof of writer Violet Blue writing under her name started in 2001.

So what does the original Sarah Sloane feel about all of this and her name being confused with a porn star? I contacted Sarah and asked her a few questions. Thank you for the reply!

Hey there – happy to add my thoughts

First off…oddly enough, this is my legal name I’ve been a BDSM / kink / sexuality educator for a while now; 2009 saw me teach over 100 classes throughout the US & Canada. I work with people in the Adult industry, as well, in my consulting business. Also, importantly, I spell mine with an “h” at the end; so domains might be mixed up but they will potentially be separate enough to avoid confusion. (you can get a “full bio” on my website sarahsloane.net)

I know of Violet Blue as a sex educator and writer, and I think she does some amazing work out there – but until you mentioned it this morning, I wasn’t aware of the legal issues that had arisen.

Frankly, I think Sarah Vandella (her previous name) was awesome, but I understand the desire to have a working name that is different if your work is going to be taking a different direction. She’s drop dead gorgeous, and I hope she has a great career at Zero Tolerance. And if people mix us up, then I’m happy to let them check out my writing & teaching bios on my site!

Oddly enough – my first thought was – wait, does she have red hair? As long as she stays blonde, we’re all good!

If you put it up, let me know – I was going to post something on my blog about being amused about it, but I’d love to just link to what you write, especially because you’re more familiar with the industry on that level than I am. Thanks for contacting me – I’m loving your blog!

-Sarah Sloane

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