Fake Lanny Barby

Turns out the person on Twitter who claims to be Lanny Barby may be a big fake.  The person claiming to be the real Lanny Barby (aka Lanny Barbie) has been using the twitter name @LannyBarbyXXX.  This person speaks much better English than the real Lanny Barby and will only post pictures of herself from other sources, ie:  her photos from her Vivid movies.  When asked to post a real photo of herself or a current one, the person ignores the question.

We contacted several other people who this other person claiming to be the real Lanny Barby knows and not one of them can say they know for sure who it really is making those tweets.


So fake Lanny Barby on Twitter we are calling you out for being a fraud.

*** You can see a lot more of the REAL Lanny Barby at Pornstar.com

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