Evil Angel Airs Their Dirty Laundry

About 2 weeks ago the cops pulled up to a well known adult studio and raid the place.  They weren’t looking for porn, no this time they were there to arrest some bitch for credit card fraud.  The company had caught the bitch red handed a few days before and cooperated with the feds in a sting.  It was actually a rather interesting story that most people never heard, you know why?  Because that company is smart enough not to air its dirty laundry across the gossip blogs.  They are smart enough to know to keep family business, within the family.

About few months ago a top adult company fired a rather well known figure in the industry for being a blow hard.  They found out that he is not only totally full of shit, but that he also lied to their clients and was down right rude to many of them as well.  Obviously this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable to the company but did that company issue a press release to discuss it with the world?  Of course not.  They quietly hired a new ass hat who also thinks he is gods gift to the world.  But you know what this company didn’t do?  They didn’t air their dirty laundry.  They didn’t issue press releases or post or do interviews gossip websites.  Nope.  They kept quiet and went about their business as if nothing happened because while this company obviously sucks at hiring practices they are at least smart enough to know YOU DON’T AIR YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY.

Then we come to Evil Angel. We all know lately they are having a lot of legal troubles but what we didn’t need to know is the intimate details of their daily business. As juicy as the gossip is, it is really and truly not the rest of the world’s business why they cease to do business with some dude who makes movies for them, or did before they fired him. Do they really need to go out of their way to issue not one but two press releases regarding the matter and do interviews and have “talks” with multiple adult gossip websites? (case in point) People fire people all the time. But they are going out of their way to make it huge news. What kind of company goes out of their way to air their dirty laundry like that? I mean it’s bad enough to know you were selling movies with performers with fake STD reports, which the public wouldn’t have probably ever known had you not issued press releases about it. What the fuck kind of dumb ass move is that, publicly associating your company name with nasty girls who have some kind of venereal disease?

So then you have to ask yourself, why would a company do this? Are they trying to use screwing this guy as some sort of publicity stunt to sell more DVDs. I had heard they are hurting for money in a real bad way after his arrest and all but fuck is this really the best way to go about trying to sell more movies?

Dude you made a bad business decision. You hired some dude who fucked up … fucked up big time admittedly but do you really need to try and make a public spectacle of it? I mean don’t you already have enough trouble with the feds and all? Why not just fire the fuck and move on? I get that it’s way to late for that now but in the future maybe you might want to keep that in mind.

Nobody respects a gossip and people will often think twice about wanting to associate themselves with you in business now because God forbid if the deal goes south, who knows what kind of press releases you may issue about them.

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