Adult Friend Finder Under Investgation for Fake Profiles

For fuck sakes it’s about time. How fucking long did it take someone to finally do something?

Oh what the hell am I rambling on about might you ask? Well the full article is HERE but the long and short of it is, Adult Friend Finder and a few other dating sites may find itself faking a class action lawsuit for all those fake profiles., along with numerous other “dating” sites, is being investigated by our firm for alleged fraud. Numerous users of have alleged that many of the member profiles are phony, and were created with the sole purpose of enticing users to join the site and/or upgrade their accounts.

These allegations appear to be confirmed by dozens of postings at “The majority of girls are fake. They are just photos planted on the site. I met two girls, but believe me; the attractive ones are fake. I also received emails from different girls that were the same letter. Even the same words were misspelled. I was wandering around the site one day and found a picture of a girl in Peru. She was also posted in Boston as being three years younger and 2 inches shorter. Same photo, same girl. Different age, height, and DOB. In my experience, only about 10% of the straight girls are real.”

“[. . .] The model in the ad normally is not a member of the site, or you can find her as a member of the site in several different states with different info. “I am a member of the site, but my membership will not be renewed again. In three years I have met 3 genuine people after 100’s of emails to “users” [. . .]”

“Here is some solid evidence that adultfriendfinder is a total ripoff. There are multiple profiles with the exact same wording to describe the person and the type of person they’re looking for. [. . .]”

Even Wikipedia has an entry on the alleged AFF fraud:

“[. . .] AFF has been frequently criticized as a popular target for phishing attempts and other online scams. Such schemes work by creating fake profiles with attractive female photos, and then using these accounts to attract visitors to pornography websites or to initiate scams such as the Advance fee fraud (AFF scam). [. . .]”

Other sites being investigated include,,,,,,,, and

These sites are all operated by the “Friend Finder Network, Inc.,” which in turn is owned by “Various, Inc.,” a privately held company located in Palo Alto, California.

If you are a member of, or any of its numerous affiliate sites, you are encouraged to contact Alexander Hawes, LLP to protect your legal rights. All of your information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Please call 800.921.1776 and ask to speak to attorney Kevin Thomason. The call is free, and there is no obligation. You may also email us below. Act now, as delays can harm your case.

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