Shawna Lenee Flakes Again

Penthouse Pet of the year runner up Shawna Lenee is no stranger to controversy and issues with her stability and it seems she has yet another issue.  You would think by people people would have learned about her and stop booking her all together.

It all started today when the website The EMM Report posted a message looking for Shawna Lenee. They did it in a very light hearted way but long story short, Shawna Lenee booked an appointment with them for an interview and then confirmed it just the night before. However Shawna Lenee never showed up.


The EMM Report message – Have you seen this girl? That would really suck; a really HOT Blonde is a terrible thing to waste. Shawna had a confirmed appointment with us last night and no one has seen her since, if you have any information regarding her whereabouts’ please contact us immediately…

On Twitter LukeisBack tipped her off to the post and Shawna Lenee went off about the people.  Keep in mind just the night before it was she who confirmed the appointment.    If she wasn’t going to show up she a) should not have said she would and b) at the very least call and say I’m sorry I wasted your time.  I know I booked this appointment and then confirmed it last night and said I would for sure be there but it turns out something else came up so I can’t make it.  But no, instead she calls the guy out for being a “f’ing retard” and a “perv”.

  • ShawnaLeneeXXX god. ppl r just so f’in retarded sometimes. haha. im supposed to stop making a porno for an interview? i dont get it. plz. im screaming, yep
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX dom @ emmreport: kiss my ass because i didnt go to ur apartment and let u tape me when i was working. have a nice life perv.
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX to emmreport: I WAS WORKING DOING MY JOB. so no interview for u. jesus whats wrong with ppl?!
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX @lukeisback its hard to be at two places at once. 🙂 thx for the heads up hun

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