Holy shit have you seen the new Monique Alexander?

Someone has had some work done and no my friends I am not talking about her tits. The picture I am about to show you is a photo of Monique Alexander.  It is a recent photo posted on her profile page from LA Direct Models just within the last few days.   When I first seen it I just assumed someone over at LA Direct Models made a mistake and posted the wrong picture but upon closer examination I realized how very wrong I was. This was in fact Monique Alexander, well a newer version of her.  Can you tell it is the same person as before?  What do you think of her new look?


Now here is something that may be more recent or it may just be a photoshopped image but if so look who got new breasts!  What is unusual about this second photo is it shows Monique Alexander with clearly a larger cup size but her lips aren’t full like in the previous photo.


So which photo is real? Which photo is the newest? Which work has Monique Alexander had done and what is only temp and what does she plan on keeping? The new fuller lips could be some kind of temporary botox thing. I’ll be honest I have no idea how that shit works but I know bigger boobs of that size don’t just come and go.

Here is a photo that Monique Alexander posted on her MySpace page today.  What do you think?  Her breasts look a little bigger here?  Damn she looks hot here.  Doesn’t she have that great come hither look in this photo?


2 thoughts on “Holy shit have you seen the new Monique Alexander?

  1. Botox is not used to increase the size of the lips, only to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or to prevent sweating. It’s collagen, available under several trade names, that is injected into the lips to plump them up, giving that ridiculous duck’s-beak effect. Joan Rivers, anyone? Quack!

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