Bobbi Billard in My Million Dollar Movie

What if you wanted to make a movie but because of the downturn in the economy you couldn’t get funding?  What if in all you needed $1,440,000, what would you do?  Well if you were Casey Walker you would start the website My Million Dollar Movie and hope that 144,000 people will each put up $10 to fund your movie.  What in the world am I talking about?  Well Bobbi Billard of MySpace fame has been cast in a movie called Free For All But You and they are reaching out to the fans to fund it by selling frames of the movie for $10 each.  They even convinced Kevin Smith to buy 6 frames of their movie!  To be honest it’s a pretty interesting idea and the star is hot as fuck so why not?


Here is a movie trailer of Bobbi Billard in a movie she did called Ice Scream

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