There may be a Rihanna and Chris Brown Sex Tape

As if 2009 hasn’t been bad enough for Rihanna, it may not be even worse as rumors surface from The Sun, a UK newspaper, about a sex tape with Chris Brown that she is worried he may leak.


The full Sun story – US publication Star Magazine is now claiming that the stunning R&B star fears her estranged boyfriend CHRIS BROWN could release a steamy home video the couple allegedly made together.

A source who approached the magazine said: “They’ve had tons of crazy nights in bed, and Chris has recorded many of them…They both have very kinky sides.”

It’s also claimed that Rihanna enjoys role-playing and dressing up as a dominatrix and that she is allegedly worried Chris could put the footage out there for the world to see.

The source went on to say: “Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality. But she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out!

“This whole beating incident is terribly humiliating for her. She’s already traumatized and will do anything to make it all go away as quickly as possible.

“The last thing in the world Rihanna wants is to see herself in the sex videos all over the Internet! She’s an intensely private person.”

Whether or not the rumours are true, this latest reports will be another blow for the singer who is said to be ‘taking a break’ from her relationship with Brown.

Let’s hope the rumours are completely false and she gets her life back on track as soon as she can.

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