Hillary Scott Cancels Philly Trip

That hot little blonde number we call Hillary Scott won’t be shaking her ass for the fine folks in Philadelphia this weekend after all. It turns out there was some problems with the management at the club she was booked to appear in. The management over at the Oasis Gentleman’s Club in Philly wouldn’t provide the agreed to amenities that was outlined in her contract and was being a dick about it, so Hillary Scott had no choice but to cancel to gig all together. She posted a tiny blog about it on her myspace page for her fans as well. This is what she had to say ….


Hillary Scott’s MySpace blog – canceling Philadelphia gig this week- club manager is a turd. So.. the club I was booked at (oasis gentleman’s club) could not provide everything for me that was detailed in my contract. Therefore, I will be canceling my dance gig this week. This club is a dump and the manager is the biggest shit head I’ve had to deal with in the whole feature dancing thing. If you live or ever plan to visit Philadelphia, please PLEASE FOR ME, avoid this club. It sucks MAJOR balls. Hope to dance again for you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update :  Sunday March 22, 2009 РHillary Scott makes a new post about the ordeal, explaining a little further about her problem with the club including lack of payment and breaking the contract.

I advise any feature dancers planning on doing shows here to seriously reconsider that notion. The manager of the club decided to break my contract by not providing me with a secure area for my merchandise and personal belongings. EVERY other club in the country provides a private room for their feature dancer guests. It is required in all feature dancing contracts. The club wanted me to leave my suitcase with all of my expensive outfits, merchandise and personal belongings in the same area as the house girls are which was completely unsupervised. When I demanded that they comply with our contractual agreement, they asked me to leave and refused payment for the one show I performed as well my travel costs which they also are obligated to take care of. Just an FYI.

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