Cassia Riley’s Final Retirement Message

Nude model Cassia Riley, Penthouse Pet of the month for April 2005 and nude Internet model  has recently retired but before going for good she wanted to leave one final message to her legions of fans.  She left this message on her myspace page.  That message to her fans is below.


Cassia Riley blogs : WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME…My final blog
Current mood: loved

I am retired from modeling FOR GOOD.

I am happily engaged to a man who has been in my life for TEN YEARS. He makes me happier than I ever imagined I could be.

I would NEVER cheat on him…he is my BEST FRIEND.

Yes I did get naked for a living but I am not a whore, a stupid person, a drug addict or any other negative thing you can think of. I am from a great family, I am a good, loving, caring and law abiding person. I live a normal life and just because I got naked as a JOB does not mean I would get naked for random people in my REAL life.

I don’t party, I don’t go out to clubs and I don’t drink or do drugs…No REALLY…(not to say I have never drank, but at this point in my life it’s unnecessary)

I love my dogs like they are humans.

I am quite the homemaker.

I love to cook and clean for my man.

I adore taking care of the people I love.

I am so much smarter than you think I am.

I am so much more than I could even begin to explain.

I am proud to be me.

Everything you thought you knew about me is probably very, very wrong.

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