Joe Francis Going Back To The Slammer

Feds: Lock Up Girls Gone Wild‘s Joe Francis Now!


eOnline is reporting that Jo Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame may be headed back behind bars.

If the feds get their way, Joe Francis isn’t going to be Wild much longer.

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge in Los Angeles to rescind the Girls Gone Wild overlord’s bail after being MIA for a hearing.

Francis, 35, turned up five hours late to a Feb. 2 court date in a tax-dodging case. He was taken into custody and spent the night in the clink, but was allowed to serve house arrest after explaining his tardiness resulted from a “miscommunication” and a nasty case of the flu.

But in a motion filed Monday, prosecutors say Francis should be locked up until his March 31 trial because of a “complete lack of respect” to the court and its ruling by issuing his own statement after his release.

Francis has pleaded not guilty to two felony tax-evasion charges. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

No comment yet from Team Francis.  He and his attorney are scheduled to be in court Wednesday.

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