James Deen Birthday Extravaganza

If you aren’t doing anything interesting this Saturday you should head on over to the birthday party for porn stud James Deen.  This party is hosted by Joanna Angel and it is for Saturday February 7th at the Beauty Bar on North Cahuenga in LA at 10 pm to midnight.  So if you are in LA this weekend you should head on over there.  I won’t be able ot make it myself so if you do go be sure and take some pictures and send them to me.

And to Mr. James Deen, if you happen upon this message, I just got off the phone with Lacey and Lyndsey Love, who are currently getting ready for a trip to Florida, who rumor has it, is going to Florida to work on a sexy new Cezar Capone movie, so they will be missing your party as well but wanted me to send their love and best wishes for you to have a very fabulous and happy birthday!


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