Don’t fuck with the man or it will eat you alive

And in this case THE MAN is none other than the machine we so lovingly called Vivid. You know people love to talk a world of shit about Vivid and their movies and how they do this or that but in reality none of us can say shit because when it comes to knowing the business side of the porno business, they reign supreme. They have mastered the art form of getting porno out there in the mainstream media.

This includes little things like oh billboards in time square featuring all the Vivid girls, or posters of their movies in Tony Soprano’s office in the hit HBO series The Sopranos and having not one or even two but now three reality TV shows on the making of some porno or another. This new one called Deeper Throat will air on Showtime starting next month.

They get mentioned on TMZ all the time like when Sunny Leone was just standing next to Criss Angel last year. How the fuck is that news? Well to the estimated 2 million people who read that story on TMZ it didn’t matter, it was still free mainstream media exposure for one of their girls.

I won’t get into all the times one of the Vivid girls are guests on the Howard Stern show or countless other radio shows or have their face plastered on things like Skateboards or in mainstream ads now pimping a Vivid brand of high heel shoes.

But something even bigger that most people don’t think about is, how many people in any given day across the United States stay in a hotel room? That’s a lot of fucking people and most of those people are seeing Vivid movies. Even if they are just the stupid softcore version, that’s still a massive massive massive audience that you can’t really discount. It brings a lot of name brand exposure that quite frankly the other studios just don’t get.

They are a marketing machine. Not only for their name but for their girls and this deal with Kelly McCarty that so many are pissing on, is no different. Anyone who doesn’t see the financial value in this is just down right fucking retarded.  A friend recently shared with me a press report for this one movie.  The mainstream coverage of this title alone gets the name “Vivid” out to millions and millions of people.  So in the end, even if this movie sucks major balls it won’t even matter because the amount of mainstream press given because of this makes it work every single penny they invested in paying for her to do a porno.  There is no other movie studio, even Digital Playground who recently spent a rumored $2 million by one account and $5 million by another promoting Pirates 2, that could possibly garner this month mainstream press coverage for their studio brand.

So call Vivid stupid fuckers all you want but in the end they are laughing their asses all the way to the bank.

Monday, Jan.19th

  • ran an “exclusive” item on its internationally popular gossip column and send out a news blast to the media about it.
  • the nationally syndicated TV show ran a segment with a clip from the movie.
  • -Vivid distributed a press release on the wire about “Faithless” and between TMZ’s news blast and Vivid’s own announcement, tens of thousands of news outlets – TV, web, print and radio – picked up the story. A Google search revealed over 400,000 items. Samples of coverage included PerezHilton, N.Y. Daily News, N.Y. Post, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, AOL News,, AlltheWeb, Forbes magazine, MarketWatch, KCTV5 (Kansas City, MO), KTVU (Oakland, CA) plus dozens of other gossip, entertainment, adult and mainstream news sites.

Friday, Jan. 23rd

  • -Kelli appeared in the first of a two-part report on the nationally syndicated TV show “The Insider.” (Waiting for a date on the second part of the report.)

Tuesday, Jan. 27

  • -Kelli appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” (live) in NYC and taped “Howard TV” – InDemand (Airing started on 1/28 and will run for 3 weeks.)
  • -Kelli was photographed for The NY Daily News
  • -Nationally syndicated “The Maury Show” (tentative air date is 2/10/09)
  • – Nationally syndicated “Extra”- (Waiting for air date.)
  • taped interview.  Site has over 15-million unique visitors per month.


Friday, Jan. 30

  • 9:30 Kansas City, KSMO/KQRC Johnny & Carrie
  • 9:40 Detroit, MI WRIF Mike and Marc
  • 9:50 Buffalo, NY WGRF Larry, Rob and Kris
  • 10:00 Columbus, OH WLVQ Waggs and Elliot
  • t10:10 Minneapolis, MN KQRS Tom & Terri
  • 10:20 Philadelphia, PA WMGK John Debella and Jen

Monday, Feb. 2—

  • -Mancow Muller syndicated radio show interview out of Chicago.
  • -WRIF’s Mike in the Morning show in Detroit.

Tuesday, Feb.3—

  • -Frosty, Heidi and Frank on KLSX in studio in L.A.


Wednesday, Feb. 4–

  • -In person interview on The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ.
  • -The Billy Madison Show on The Edge in Dallas.

Friday, Feb. 6-

  • -The Rock ‘N Roll Morning Show on KOMP in Vegas.

One thought on “Don’t fuck with the man or it will eat you alive

  1. This was a brilliant move from both Kelli McCarty and Vivid. This deal fell into Vivid’s hands since she approached them but it is now the time for Vivid to really step it up and be proactive. From what Ms. McCarty has said during her recent interviews, she is not 100% positive she is going to do another porno. Also, from what she said about her sexual likes and dislikes, she has at the present time limited her star power past this movie, in my opinion. Put it this way, if you knew she was just going to five different positions of VAG with a body cumshot in every scene, would you as a consumer continue to pay for that, given the fact you already saw that in the first movie? I wouldn’t and I don’t think a lot of other consumers would either. Therefore, once the “beauty queen to porn queen” mantra dies down, both parties have to look at what comes next.

    The sweetness from this deal is what could, and SHOULD, come next. She has said she loves the way Vivid shoots the product. From this, I gather that she is interested in producing and directing her own videos. This is the perfect opportunity for both of them to get together to try and recruit talent that has not been used in porn before this moment – grade B and C mainstream talent. This is no different than in sports – i.e. if you do not have a strong scouting staff, you cannot get the talent that will help your team be successful. Kelli has made the jump to porn and she is at best a grade C celebrity, BUT she MADE the JUMP, and it is paying off in SPADES for her. She made a great deal by no doubt getting a lot of money up front from Vivid as well as a ton of publicity. She has shown lower level mainstream performers who have never, or will ever, really hit it big that there is another option that pays very well. THIS is what Vivid can now offer potential talent from print ads, fashion, tv, movies, theater, dance, and even athletes (i.e. extreme games athletes, ex-Olympians, etc.) – financial security and a lot of publicity.

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