Buy a Date with Morgan Dayne

Morgan Dayne, via her myspace page says is now taking bids to hang out with her all day, Superbowl Sunday and the starting bid is $500.  The catch?  She won’t fuck you but on the good side of that, if you plan on going to any parties, showing up with Morgan Dayne on your arm will be worth it.  So how much is a date with the one and only Morgan Dayne worth to you?

Morgan Dayne

Morgan Dayne on MySpace says … Take Me Out On SuperBowl Sunday… Heres your chance..
Body: Taking Bids! Im Ready for the SuperBowl!!The Highest bidder gets a date with me for the entire Superbowl Sunday.

Meet Me in the afternoon and ill tailgate or dine under candlelight, its up to you.

Dont be Cheap!

We will hang out for a total of 10 hours . Dont miss the chance to show up at the party with a Porn Star on your arm. Yes im a PornStar but sorry boys.   There is Nothing Sexually going to happen On this date.

Bidding starts at $500 dollars and the winner will be notified by email and ill call you to arrange the details on Sat (by Noon). Send the bids to me via Myspace Message.

They should include your real email address and the Bid

HAPPY BIDDING! if youre lucky I..ll see YOU Sunday… Lets Play!!!

Body Guard Will be present… But will be Low Key…..

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