Buy yourself a piece of Eva Angelina

Despite taking the last year off, Eva Agelina remains at the top of her game and continues to be one of the top ranked porn stars, well at least to Fame Registry.  Just days before giving birth to her first child, they ranked Eva Angelina as the #6 most famous porn star.   That juts goes to show how fucking hot Eva Angelina really is.  I mean if she can take almost an entire year off and still be that famous, that’s pretty damn impressive.

Eva Angelina

While Eva Angelina is at home recovering from giving birth she is far from just siting idle.  She has decided to take some time to go thorugh some of the outfits she wore in some of her movies that she’s made over the years and auction them off.    You can click here to see which ones are currently available.  This service works a lot like Ebay, only it seems to be specific to porn.  Any auction you see from “evaanglina” is actually from her, herself.  She is posting and running her own auctions, at least according to her myspace page.  Just look carefully and make sure it says the seller name “evaangelina”.

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