Top 3 Sex Positions

No matter what position you are in sex is great. Let’s be real. Fucking a chick is fucking a chick but sometimes we need to spice things up and that’s what this story is all about. Here we have some of the most popular sexual positions. If you aren’t sure if these positions are right for you, then watch the accompanying videos to see for yourself.

Any position in which a woman raises her legs narrows the vagina and makes for tighter penetration.

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Doggie Style – While Standing

We all know that fucking a chick from behind is great but there is a nice variation of that position called the standing doggie in which you stand up, bend the bitch over and fuck her from behind.  The only real difference here is that instead of fucking her from behind on the bed, you are standing up.  It has a very distinct feel, as compared to the normal doggie style and this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over.

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Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl, also called the Queen’s position is a sex position where the man lies on his back … wait a minute, do I really need to describe how to do this position? Just watch the video for yourself and I’m sure you’ll figure this one out. Reverse cowgirl can take a little practice to master but when you do, you’ll find that your partner, the female will enjoy it based on the deep penetration as well as her ability to control the speed and depth.

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