MySpace profile changes 2.0

MySpace announces some changes to the way they handle profiles today.  Those wanted to see the specific changes listed below should simply log into their MySpace account.  Their official announcement is below.

Today we launched Profile 2.0. The new profile is optional and you can go back to your old profile if you don’t like 2.0. Profile 2.0 lets you hide specific profile modules (like comments or friends), lets you drag and drop modules wherever you want, and you can even choose to show parts of your profile to specific friend categories. For those who prefer the simplicity of one-click themes over advanced customization, we’ve created over 50 profile styles to choose from including Transporter 3, Punisher War Zone, and The Spirit. Check it out here or click on the “Edit Profile” profile above this message to find out how to convert. After converting your profile menu will have a new link “Customize Profile” which returns you to the editor with one click.

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