THE FOUR – ways to get sued

Dear Press and Valued Distributors,

I write on behalf of Ninn Worx SR, Inc., as a 49% shareholder and wherever applicable, N Worx Media, Inc. I wish to uniformly set forth as a default assumption; all communications from me to you are on behalf of Ninn Worx SR, Inc as a 49% shareholder, and/or N Worx Media, Inc unless specifically detailed to the contrary.   Accordingly, when I utilize the term “we” or “company” or similar, please assume I am referencing as the text then implies to the entities as a 49% shareholder Ninn Worx SR, Inc and/or N Worx Media, Inc.

I, Michael Ninn, as 49% shareholder of Ninn Worx _SR, feel it is not only my fiduciary duty but my personal responsibility to the people who have supported me throughout my career, to inform you, our valued distributors, of the potential copyright infringements that you may be liable for in and encumbered within a federal court of law under federal law concerning copyright infringements associated with the movie, The Four, produced by Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino Company located at the following address: 1875 Tandem Way Norco, CA 92860.

Please be aware that Mr. John L Gray, owner of Spearmint Rhino, along with Kathy Vercher, COO of Spearmint Rhino, have repeatedly been given notice that there maybe impending copyright infringements in the original edit performed by Michael Ninn and said edit was not intended for public viewing but should be viewed as a “work in progress only” and in light of the given circumstances that said original edit of the movie, The Four, should not be used in part or full, without full review from Mr. Ninn.

As of this date, Mr. Ninn has not been given the chance to review the movie, The Four, for any outstanding copyright infringements, nor do we except this to happen. Please refer to: Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code 17 U.S.C

Therefore, have I caused to give fair warning to all involved, that there is or could be potential copyright infringements in said above mentioned movie, The Four, being sold by Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino Company and would highly suggest that all valued distributors cease and desist in the distribution of above mentioned movie, The Four, until these issue have been addressed and resolved.

Press and Valued Distributors, thank you for your time in this matter.

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