John L. Gray of Ninn Worx_SR is a Pimp?

Gotta love fucking Google, you enter someone’s name and bam there is a nice little story about something all fucked up in their past. According to an article I dug up in the Review Journal (and in THIS article as well) John Gray, CEO of the adult film company Ninn Worx_SR, Spearmint Rhino Company has quite an interesting past and seems to be no stranger to fraud.

This criminal has a couple convictions in California for making false statement to win a military contract and bouncing checks — before fessing up to reporters. He also has been known to use several aliases, including Johnny Win, John Luciano, and John Luciano Gianni, for reasons why he could not explain to reporters.

But if that wasn’t enough it turns out he can probably add pimping to his resume because in regards to his Spearmint Rhino club ….

police reported that, in their opinion, “activity within the club, intentionally or otherwise, borders on offenses of prostitution and permitting the keeping of a brothel.”

It seems that John L. Gray is some sort of Smooth Criminal (or the alternative Smooth Criminal which I think is even better).

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