Sin City Say What??

Interestingly enough after we post our story on the Sin City Films domain name change, AVN does finally post news about the Sin City films domain name change however they note in their article that the domain name is “parked” when in fact the domain name was sold to a Casino in Las Vegas.

The AVN article also claims “The new site features titles from Sin City Ultra, Sin City, Sin City Teen and Mayhem, along with trailers, video on demand, streaming video and iPhone downloads.”

Yet the old site offered exactly the same thing. Why not just come out and say WE SOLD OUR DOMAIN NAME TO SOME RICH BASTARD IN NEVADA AND MADE SHIT TON OF CASH? Nothing wrong with that! In fact, I say GOOD FOR YOU SIN CITY! I think it’s damn impressive they were able to sell their domain for such a rumored large amount of cash. Although we can’t get a confirmation of exactly how much the domain name was sold for, our secret inside source tells us it was big numbers. I said “more than a million”, and his response was “you can say that”. Who knows if that is true but either way, I don’t give a damn. I still say good for making money in cyberspace on virtual real estate.

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