The House that Jenna Built

What’s a porn star to do when she’s no longer making porn and has nobody to take her clothes off for? Make clothes to put on other people of course!

During LA fashion week last year Jenna Jameson made a huge slash with the media when she walked down the runway in the Heatherette show for designer Richie Rich. In true Jenna form, when she got the end of the runway she showed her ass before walking back offstage. That’s not really the only fashion thing that Jenna has done. She was also seen at the Pussycat Dolls’ lingerie fashion show and of course her most recent fashion statement with the Pleather Peta ads. And let us not forget her well known friendship with fashion icon Paris Hilton.

Well apparently fashion is Jenna’s new passion because she has launched (or is about ot launch) The House of Jameson … “Fast Forward Fashion From the Mind of Jameson”.

The House of Jameson

Jenna Jameson said that her line will be designed and produced by Christian Audigier – with whom she recently appeared on the catwalk with during the Ed Hardy show. Jenna Jameson has big plans for her line and wants to launch at the next New York Fashion week and goes on to say …”And if they don’t let me I’ll do it anyway.”

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