Joe Francis gets sued… again and again

Four girls in Florida have sued Joe Francis, claiming they were 17, 16, 15, and 13 when his company “enticed them” into participating in his Girls Gone Wild video series.


I wrote a news post about Hustler being sued by Catherine Bosley because they posted nude photos of her when she got drunk and stupid and naked in a night club on vacation one year. And my main point was if I get drunk and whip out my cock, can I get a picture of it taken and published so I can sue for millions too? People have to start taking responsibility for their actions. It all started with that damn woman spilling her McDonald’s coffee. It bewilders me that our legal system is still allowing for people to be fucking retards and then, by their own admittance of being fucking idiots, gain millions from a company who didn’t have a “DON’T DO SOMETHING INCREDIBLY FUCKING STUPID WITH OUR PRODUCT” sticker plastered all over it.


I’m in no way supporting child pornography here, but I refuse to believe that only until you turn 18 are you a fragile-minded child who can easily be tricked with lollipops into doing anything. Yes, it is Joe Francis’ responsibility to check the age of these girls before-hand just as it is every other porn company’s. On the other hand, some of these girls lied and provided fake documents to get on his tapes and then come back and sue him for “damages?” What damage besides the fact that you thought it would be funny to flash your tits for the world to see until your Dad came in angry that he was whacking off when all of a sudden he saw his daughter on the tape?


For the record, as this is a new lawsuit, I don’t know if any of these four provided fake documents. I do know that they aren’t innocent little children though. Again, I’m no pedophile and I don’t support it one bit, but if a 15 year old can be tried as an adult for shooting his Dad over taking his internet access away so he couldn’t get on MySpace any longer, then a 15 year old should be able to be tried as an adult for being too stupid to not keep her clothes on and, in previous cases, I think he should have counter-sued on the girls who provided the fake documents to him saying they were at least 18. There is just no magical barrier that once you turn 18, you suddenly have your mind altered into being able to make all adult decisions, and previous to that age you are able to be considered just as equal as if you were a 5 year old. Because that is in essence what these teens are claiming.


Shame on Joe Francis for not fulfilling his obligation to follow the law and not checking their age if that is actually the case, and I will sadly agree with the lawsuit if that is the case because he sure as shit should have known better, but I also sure as hell know when I was even 13 I knew not to go out in public and show my dick off in front of a camera, especially not one parading around saying they would show it to anyone willing to buy it as they spam Comedy Central every night with their goddamn steel drum music commercials.

In fact, Joe Francis should be sued for continuing to use those steel drums as the background music for his commercials for over 5 years. Just like the people who whistle about how happy what’s-his-name is since he started taking a penis pill for natural male enhancement and apparently every woman he comes in contact with knows he has a huge johnson now. Fuck him too.

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