Fayner Posts: I just got off the phone with Jenna. She was unharmed. Here is what she said transpired.

“I went out shopping to Beverly Hills ’cause I found some extra money in Travis’ wallet, right? I mean, why should he get to spend money on himself?! Anyway, I pulled up to the valet and I guess when I was removing the seat belt my shirt got caught ’cause the next thing you know I’m looking down at my right tit hanging out! But before I could pop it back in it caught the attention of some guy in a SUV in a bad way cause he slammed into a parked car on the other side of the street. That in turn made the car behind hit him. It was an ugly mess. And sure enough, along comes the Beverly Hills police! And they’re asking me questions, asking witnesses questions, everyone who was in a five block radius it seems got questioned about it! I just said sorry, my boob popped out by accident, I didn’t mean for this to happen! He let me off with a warning! He said, be sure to keep them things where they belong! Anyway, it didn’t ruin my shopping spree. Thanks, Travis!”

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