Fayner Posts: Two years ago was the last AVN Award show I tried to attend. And I say try, because I was not allowed entrance into the show.

I remember it like it just happened. I approached Mike Ramone, the then main editor at AVN. He was/is a douchebag. I think it may have something to do with how he liked being punished for being a bad little boy on the internet. I don’t know.

But he told Nadia Styles I was a crackhead and no way I was getting a ticket. I was pissed, not because I wasn’t going to the award show, but because I wasn’t allowed to go.

But not this year. I called the new head editor Dan Miller, a sweet, sweet man, and asked him if he could hook up some old friends of mine who were gonna be in town for the convention. He told me he’d try. I assumed that meant no.

But then some hot sounding chick, his assistant perhaps, called me up asking if I wanted the tickets. And to make it better, she called a few more times over the week just checking in and making sure all my needs were met.

Fucking awesome, that Dan Miller is.

Now he knows how much I love him. I’m blushing.

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