Dave Navarro before he became lame

Fayner Posts: I saw Jane’s Addiction in 1988 at the Citi Club in Boston. It was probably the best show I’ve ever been to beside the obvious AC/DC in ’84 and Van Halen in ’85. Jane’s was the coolest thing ever at the time, and that show, despite them showing up 3 hours late and Sweet La Tipsy getting a $1,000 speeding ticket on the way home, was pretty much the only place to be at that time. Everywhere else was lame. Even East St. Louis.

Jane’s split in 1992. It was too good to last. They hated each other and loved heroin. Perry was a whining Jew, Perkins was too chipper. We knew it was for the best, that the band and its members had seen their best days already.

I won’t even mention how much music suffered when Dave joined the Chili Peppers, but it was a lot.

Jane’s reuniting in 97 or 98 was pathetic. They loved each other. They were clean. Flea was playing slap bass to Summertime Rolls. Dave craved the spotlight. It was gay.

Dave is one of those guys like Matt Sorum: He’s old and still wants to be cool. It’s not healthy. Sure, he fucks tons of chicks, but not one of those chicks knows who he was once upon a time. They have no idea how cool he once was, before Carmen and Dave do MTV or whatever that gay show was called. He’s just some guy with tattoos who can get them in to a club. He doesn’t care ’cause he needs the attention.

Everything that Jane’s Addiciton stood for in the old days has been long forgotten for fame. It’s a disgrace.

And now Dave is involved in porn? Sad.

Porn is the last resort for almost everyone, its not what most jump into to be “cool.” But not Dave. He’ll even open up his shirt and show some nipple ring. He should be ashamed.

But none of this is as bad as him joining up with Matt Zane. Zane was once maybe considered okay for his porn making talents, has been busy these past years trying to a rock star. It didn’t work. That’s when he probably ran into Dave and they both were like, “hey, I was once important, too! Let’s do something together!”

It’s called Punkd Ur Ass!

Sounds like a gay movie, right? I bet it is.

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