DCypher posts: Barrett Blade is the shit. Seriously. Aside from being an amazing friend, he’s also one of the best actors working in adult, a damn fine camera guy and an excellent director as well.

This week he gets to add one more title to his business card: FEATURE EDITOR.


So far he’s only edited one adult feature, which would usually mean jack and wouldn’t warrant the redesign and late night trips to Kinko’s, but it just so happens that on his first attempt he knocked the ball out of the park.


It just so happens that his first edit was NOWHERE ANGELS. We were on set and he demanded to edit the show promising it would get nominated if he did. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was serious. Funny thing is, he got nominated for Best Actor and Best Editing.


That’s what I call keeping your word. Thanks man and congrats! You deserve it brother.

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