Fayner Posts: Travis stopped by the house last night to say hello and look through the ashtrays for roaches. Somehow the conversation turned to black chicks.

“Holy shit!” Travis barked. “You should have seen the office today!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Three fat black chicks came in to the office to see about getting into a Black Ice movie. They were huge, atleast 350 pounds each!”

“That sucks” I replied.

“No, what really sucks is that my office was too small to fit all of them so I had to bring them to a bigger office to fill out the paper work.”

“Did you get any of their phone numbers?”

Travis insisted that he didn’t get a phone number from the fat chicks, but we all agreed after he left that he totally got one of their numbers and is planning on calling this weekend for a booty call.

Good luck, Travis!

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