DCypher posts: What is it about striped nylons and leg warmers that seems so very Alt? Hard to put your finger on, isn’t it?

I opened my virtual mailbox this morning and was stunned and delighted to see an ample supply of hot, young, willing girls posing for Met Art once again.

This girl is named Avril, yeah, just like the rock star. Just like her punky American doppelganger she too loves to stay up late, break the rules, drink vodka straight out of the bottle, and party all the time, party all the time! Yay!

That one was for my boy Vic.

Avril never dreamed that anyone would ever ask her to model. She used to cry a lot when she was in her tweens because boys didn’t like her and she spent most of her early teens without anyone to share Valentine’s Day with. Ever since she started posing naked it seems she’s got more boyfriends than she knows what to do with.

Lucky for you she’s always got room for one more…

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