Nowhere AngelsDCypher posts: The AVN noms for 2008 came out yesterday as many of you are well aware. Like most working folk in the jizz biz I spent a great deal of the day on the phone with people debating the list. There is a lot of mumbling and grumbling already from all quarters. The hard questions are being asked. Here is a small sample of what I heard yesterday:

Why am I NOT on the list?

Why is Dave Navarro up for Best Director for a movie that was shot by 4 other famous porn directors?

Why is she on the Best New Starlets list?

Who do you have to blow at AVN to get recognized for the work you do?


And on and on…like Jack Johnson. You couldn’t make up the kinds of things I heard yesterday. Ultimately people’s feelings get hurt every year around this time, which is why the nom’s usually drop right before Thanksgiving, so the more unstable members of this community have time to cool down before phoning in their death threats and conspiracy theories. After all, death threats and conspiracy theories really belong on the boards.

One thing I did notice is that it is the year of the Super Ego in porn. Operation Desert Stormy is the biggest thing that Wicked has ever done I think not to mention another friend of mine said that Coming Home was pretty expensive too. Janine Loves Jenna is the biggest, most expensive, over the top thing that Club Jenna has ever done. Then there is Debbie Loves Dallas from PT at Vivid, arguably one of the greatest porn directors of all time, as well as LAYOUT, which I think is an extraordinary movie. Go Penny Flame!

And don’t forget UPLOAD or AVN Award Winner Eli Cross will kick your teeth out. Just kidding…I think. UPLOAD is the biggest thing that Sex Z put out ever. Hilary Scott alone costs a million dollars and the company marketing budget includes a race car!

If I left you off the list please don’t panic…and please call AVN to complain not me. I will send you the number. All I am saying is that the bar has been raised since the greatest selling porn movie of all time (PIRATES) came out and every year it seems to climb higher. Remember when Nick Andrews DARK ANGELS 2 was the big deal for the year because it had special effects like BLADE and an exploding car? Janine Loves Jenna had the most elaborate special effects I’ve ever seen in a porn movie and was then edited for over a year. Take that Nick Andrews!

In the midst of all this cock fighting, with everyone’s dick wagging around, I feel a little like Matt Damon the year his GOOD WILL HUNTING went up against Cameron’s TITANIC. You see Nowhere Angels, my favorite movie I have ever made, isn’t the biggest thing METRO ever put out but I still love it. In a sea of amazing “big budget” features it’s easy to overlook. It’s a story driven porn as well, a true example of lit porn at it’s finest, which confused the hell out of some people. Still I got some love and all jokes aside I’m grateful for it.

I realized yesterday though after some of the calls I took that it’s just good to get nominated. For the last three years I have been on the list for the big three: Best Director, Best Screenplay Video, and Best Video Feature. First with PRISONER then WONDERLAND and now with NOWHERE ANGELS. I have yet to pull a win on my own. Given the steep competition this year odds are that won’t change. I’m okay with it though. I’ve even placed a call to Susan Lucci’s shrink to book a slot for late January so I’m all covered.

In the meantime I thought I’d share this gallery from the shoot with all of you. Nowhere Angels featured Charlotte Stokely, Cassie Courtland, Justine Jolie, Riley Mason, Leah Luv, Veronica Jett, and Barrett Blade. Barrett edited the flick and caught 2 noms in the process. Go Barrett! Check it out.

Click Here For Full Gallery

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