Purple Haze Not Included DCypher posts: Many of you have heard of purple haze. Many of you have smoked purple haze, listened to Voodoo Child, and thoroughly enjoyed what your parents and grandparents refer to as the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It must have been exciting back then listening to something so fresh, so raw, and knowing that it was unlike anything that came before it, that it was going to change the way people viewed the world. Go ask your folks if they can remember how it felt, like watching the Berlin wall come down.

They don’t call it hyperbole for nothing people. Just keep reading.

Now you, yes you, can feel that same fascination and wonder, as you witness the Jenny Hendrix Anal Experience, brought to you by the good folks at Evil Angel and that plucky devil Manuel Ferrara.

You too will feel tingles run up your spine as you witness her FIRST EVER DP in all of its stretching glory.

You too will drool in delight as monster cock pries open the pink pussies and perfect puckers of cock pleasing supersluts Aurora Jolie, Aubrey Adams, Delilah Strong, and Michael Stefano. Okay. You got me. Michael does the pucker punching, pussy pounding, power prick planting, as well as the playful piddle paddling and the drunken platypus, which I’m pretty sure Ricky Powell of Beastie Boys fame invented.

There is even a clever story to go along with this amazing experience. Jenny and Manuel are a couple. He wants her to do anal. She doesn’t. She discovers that he does anal with another chick. She gets back at him with a revenge tape of her learning to do anal. He fucks her ass. All’s well that ends well.

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Or you can buy it as of December 17, 2007. Now check the free gallery courtesy of Evil Angel.

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