Fayner Posts: Bianca Dagger likes to come over to our house and leave things in my bed. First it was the bagel crumbs, and then came the Egg McMuffin and finally the used cigarette butts.

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Bianca also enjoys yapping when she comes over. Yap, yap, yap. I love it ’cause I love her. She’s fingerbangin’ awesome!

So, during one our intellectual conversations about the government, somehow Bianca got to talking about how she tried to cut off her brother’s balls when they were kids.

“He really pissed me off that day,” she told us. “So I got some barbeque tongs and went for his testicles. They were the heavy duty kind, really sharp. And I really went for his nuts, almost got them good!”

“What happened then?” we all asked.

“Well, you see this big scar on my leg? I missed and somehow ended up slicing myself open instead of his ball sac! Sucks, huh?”

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